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  • Ganesha and Steven Universe: The Removers of Obstacles

    by Brandon Closson Ganesha and Steven Universe: The Removers of Obstacles

    Popular art expands our universal consciousness in the sense that millions of people know and love shows like Steven Universe and come together to celebrate that shared love. New friends are made from this common interest, budding artists are inspired to recreate their favorite characters or invent their own and many people find parts of themselves within the show. Anyone who watches Steven Universe can’t help but hope to be a little more like Steven.

    Puranas are stories, often of the Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism, that expound upon the incredibly complicated, near mathematical understanding verses of the four Vedas in order to make their core principles more relatable and garner the interest of a wider audience. Things like the Puranas are of course more powerful and popular than a TV show that ended just last year. They have persisted throughout time and reached billions of people. But ancient writings and popular culture do both share that same intent to expand shared consciousness.

  • The 8 Limbs of Yoga

    by Brandon Closson The 8 Limbs of Yoga

    The six schools of thought in Hinduism began to blossom and one of these was Patanjali’s School of Ashtanga (8 Legs or Limbs) Yoga. Patanjali was a sage who dedicated his life to furthering the techniques of Yoga practice in daily life to seek the ultimate goal of liberation of the individual into Universal Consciousness. He wanted to give people clear instructions on how to use the tools within themselves to explore higher planes of consciousness.

    His efforts were placed in creating categories, rituals and list of principles inside each form of Yoga to help the Yoga student progress in their spiritual journey. He split the word Yoga into 8 “limbs” or practices. This is called the Ashtanga School of Yoga Philosophy.

    Asana is one of these 8 limbs. It means postures and is the part of Yoga that we all see most in the West: exercising through poses, stances and controlled breathing. In the Mahabharata, an Indian epic that is part of Vedic literature, Yoga is mentioned 900 times but less than 10 are about Yoga as exercise. So let’s check out all 8 types of Yoga defined by Patanjali

  • Release Your Inner Serpent Power

    by Brandon Closson Release Your Inner Serpent Power
    Release Your Inner Serpent Power By: Brandon Closson     In 1919, Sir John Woodruffe released the book Serpent Power under the pseu...
  • Hinduism is Not Polytheistic

    by Brandon Closson Hinduism is Not Polytheistic
    Hinduism is Not Polytheistic By: Brandon Closson   Polytheism does not describe Hinduism. In fact, neither does the wo...
  • I Bought Healing Crystals and I Have Not Been Healed

    by Brandon Closson I Bought Healing Crystals and I Have Not Been Healed
    The crystal healing industry is like any other snake oil trade, it promises instant life-changing solutions to all of life’s most gnawing problems. Boost your confidence, cure your ADHD and expel that demon from your bedroom all by buying this one magical stone.